Tell me, can I do endotrochial anesthesia?

Dr. Boris Bril, hello. I want to do rhinoplasty, but I have a mild form of asthma. It can be caused by an allergy to animals, cold air, alcohol. Asthma provokes one of these points. Tell me if I can have endotrochial anesthesia. Thanks.

You can. Before inhalation, take the inhalations you usually do during seizures. But is it important to know how frequent seizures are?

How dangerous is anesthesia for a child?

The baby is 7 months old. It is necessary to probe the eyes under general anesthesia. How dangerous is such anesthesia for a child? What examination is necessary? Or maybe wait for an older age?

Hello. There is no evidence for the risk of anesthesia for children today. No analyzes are needed as recommended by ASA. In general, it depends on the drugs that anesthetists want to use. The danger also depends on the qualifications of the anesthetist.

Which is better to do: a second general or spinal anesthesia?

Dr. Boris Bril, hello. I had the first cesarean section was general anesthesia which is better to do a second general or spinal cord

Generally, the first cesarean section is not an indication for the second !!!! Second: the reason for the first cesarean? Why do they want to Caesar again? Third and most important. Spinal or epidural anesthesia or combined spinal and epidural anesthesia is preferred in pregnancy above 18 weeks. Reason: after 18 weeks, there is the concept of a full stomach (full stomak) which leads to the possibility of aspiration (throwing of gastric contents into the lungs) with general anesthesia. For this reason, it is preferable to do regional anesthesia to exclude a possible complication. if we’re not talking about emergency operations where rapid sequencing is done.

Are menstruation contraindications to anesthesia?

Dr. Boris Bril, hello. Are menstruation contraindications to anesthesia? Tomorrow I’m going to have an operation to remove cysts on my legs (Baker’s cyst). They are going to do spinal anesthesia.

Hello. This is not a contraindication. Menstruation is not a contraindication to any type of anesthesia.

Is it possible to do general anesthesia if you are taking a psychotropic drug?

Dr. Boris Bril, hello. Is it possible to do general anesthesia if you are taking a psychotropic drug? For example, an antidepressant or pregabalin?

You can definitely

Allergy during surgery

Dr. Boris Bril, hello. Tell me how to find out if an allergy will occur during an operation under general anesthesia for anesthesia itself and related medications?

Hello. This makes no sense, no one is checking in the world. If you are not registered with an allergy to the drugs, just list those that were allergic to and which one

Anesthesia for a child in the treatment of teeth

The child is 4 years old and has to undergo general dental anesthesia. Tell me, please, is the anesthesia used in dentistry different from surgical anesthesia, is it true that it is more superficial? And if the child previously had normal anesthesia (surgery), can one hope that this time everything will go well? How does the duration of anesthesia affect overall health? And is it necessary to take tests before treatment under anesthesia at the dentist? Reduced hemoglobin in the blood can be a contraindication for anesthesia? How often can general anesthesia be used in childhood? I apologize for the large number of questions. Very worried. Thanks in advance.

Hello. In general, for each procedure, its own anesthesia, its own amount of analgesia, relaxation, if necessary, hypnotism. In general, in principle, anesthesia should be tolerated normally, regardless of whether it was before or not. Anesthesiology is a complex science, not simple, but if a professional, then there is nothing to worry about. What is reduced hemoglobin, can numbers be? Anesthesia can be given if necessary at least every day, the question is in medical evidence. There are tons of drug options.

Soft tissue neurinoma of the right shoulder

My husband was diagnosed with neuroma of soft tissues of the right shoulder, all neurosurgeons were bypassed in Krasnoyarsk, they were told not to operate until they were observed. But he is concerned about pain along the nerves throughout the arm, numbness of the fingers. What is the next tactic? Thanks.

Hello. If it interferes, then we have the principle of healing. There is surgery, there is an injection. Do an MRI of your spine with lots of slices.

Can general anesthesia provide a full sleep?

Can the brain rest under general anesthesia (i.e., can general anesthesia provide a full sleep)? Thank you in advance for your reply?

No, definitely. A lot of work has been done in the world. The definite answer is no! I will not go into the phases of sleep. Pharmacologically, this is not yet possible.