Family doctor

Family doctor – a doctor who is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children and adults. The family doctor can both independently carry out their activities, and refer the patient to specialist doctors, in accordance with the established diagnosis. It is the responsibility of the family doctor to organize tests and research, and, if necessary, hospitalization.

What distinguishes a family doctor from a therapist is the availability of additional in-depth training in related specialties, which allows him to provide a large amount of medical services.

In most cases, visiting a family doctor eliminates the need for visits to narrow specialists, because their professional training allows them to correctly diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases, including cancer diagnostics. In difficult cases, the family doctor engages the right specialists for consultations, while he continues to monitor the entire treatment process and is responsible for the patient.

In the West, family medicine has long found its niche and is recognized as one of the most effective. Unfortunately, it is not well developed in Russia yet.
The family doctor must know the basics of traumatology, Oncology, psychiatry, Hematology, surgery, gynecology, Pediatrics, and this list of skills can go on for a long time. In the West, the training program is radically different from that offered by Russian Universities: the tasks are set completely different. In the West, the family doctor is the so – called advanced clinic, where almost all patients come.

The patient does not go to any particular specialist, he goes to the family doctor, and it is the family doctor who decides all the issues, right in his office. If his qualifications are not sufficient to solve a particular issue, he selects a specialist to whom he can refer such a patient.

Online consultation

You can apply for an online consultation, where you will receive highly professional assistance from Dr. Boris Bril on any issue related to your health and tactics of treatment or prevention of the disease.

You will be required to provide all relevant information and analyses with disks.
The average consultation time is 30-40 minutes and depends on the complexity of the case.

As a result, you get a detailed list of recommendations with assignments. The consultation is conducted via whatsapp’app video link.


Medical tourism

Unfortunately, medicine is not at a high level in all countries and cities. But thanks to the promotion of medical tourism, you can get help from highly qualified specialists, the best in their field, from many countries, among which Israel is truly advanced.

Dr. Boris Bril will help everyone who wants to get planned and urgent treatment in Israel thanks to the direction that any medical institution accepts. If necessary, prepare a document for entry into the country and write out prescriptions.

You can find out all the details at a personal online consultation or by contacting the number specified in the contacts.